Service, Repair & Replacement Installation for Water Heaters in Boston

boston Water HeatersBecause it's nearly constantly under stress and pressure, your home's water heater requires a lot of attention and frequent maintenance. Water heaters are put through a lot on a daily basis, so it's almost impossible to predict when a serious problem may crop up. The professional Boston water heater repair specialists at McMahon Plumbing & Heating stand ready to assist.

Prompt water heater repairs and proper maintenance will help you ensure that your water heater is functioning well and efficiently as possible. Our professionals can take care of any problems that you encounter with your water heater, and we guarantee thorough and accurate repairs. So if you are looking for an experienced and reliable plumber in Boston to take care of water heater repairs for your home, give McMahon Plumbing & Heating a call today.

Water Heater Repairs & Maintenance

Our Boston plumbing services team are experts when it comes to water heater repairs in Boston, but we also want to help our customers avoid miserable situations, like going without hot water because of a fault with the water heater. That's why we offer preventative water heater maintenance, so you can rest assured your hot water heater will provide you with the comfort you expect from it.

  • We'll check your safety relief valve and emergency shutoff valve to make sure that your water heater is as safe as possible in case a problem does occur.
  • We'll also test the water temperature to make sure it's at an optimal level. It should be warm enough to take a hot shower comfortably, but not so warm that it could cause any safety concerns.
  • Then we'll inspect your burner assembly and the power supply that's heating the water.
  • If it needs to be done, we'll flush out the system to get rid of any debris that may cause a problem with the efficiency of the machine, and could lead to much larger problems in the future.

These steps all help to ensure that your water heater is working as efficiently as possible and they'll help to increase the water heater's lifespan. Many components on a water heater can be replaced, except for the tank. Once the tank rusts, there is no way to repair it, and replacement is the only solution.

Water Heater Replacements

On average, water heaters last seven to ten years. Of course, this number is subject to many things. Without maintenance and prompt plumbing repairs, a water heater's lifespan can be as short as four or five years.

Once your home's water heater reaches the five year mark, you should start paying special attention to it and considering whether it's time for a replacement. In many instances, repairs can allow your water heater to last for a longer period, and preventative maintenance is key to increasing your water heater's lifespan. McMahon Plumbing & Heating can help you find the most energy efficient water heaters that fits your budget. Our Boston plumbers are licensed and trained professionals, so you can rest assured the water heater installation or replacement services we provide will be done to code and with the highest level of quality workmanship. We carry the premier brand, A.O. Smith Water Heaters, on our trucks, if replacement is necesssary. We also carry the Bradford-White line of water heaters, which are made in the USA.

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If you are looking for a professional Boston water heater repair and installation specialist, please call 1-800-431-5660 or complete our online request form.