Boston Faucet Repair and Installation Experts

boston Faucet Repair and InstallationYou use your faucets and sinks for many different tasks every day, and when you need to have a leaky faucet repaired or a new faucet installed, you need a professional plumber you know you can trust with the job. McMahon Plumbing & Heating has been providing high quality plumbing services such as faucet installation and repair to homeowners in the Greater Boston Area since 1952, so our Boston plumbers can always guarantee high quality workmanship. Whether you need a new faucet or sink installed or you need repairs of any kind for an existing faucet, we'll be ready and eager to tackle the job.

We can repair leaking or dripping faucets or faucets that are clogged with lime and hard water build-up. We can also replace old or broken faucets, and we can install new faucets or sinks for renovations and remodeling projects.

Faucet Repairs in Boston

Faucets are made up of many small moving parts, so it's very easy for one or more parts of the faucet to break or wear out over time. When your home's faucets break, they may drip or leak slowly, wasting several hundreds of gallons of water over time and costing you a significant amount of money on your utility bills. Whether your faucet has a slow drip or is broken and spewing out water, our professionals can provide you with prompt faucet repairs in Boston and the surrounding areas.

Faucet Replacement and Installation Services

In addition to repairing your faucet, we can also replace any faucets that can't be repaired, and we can install new faucets for renovation projects. Our plumbers can make sure that your new faucets are perfect for the design style of the room they're being added to, and that they work perfectly with your existing plumbing system.

We can install faucets in any part of your home, including:

  • Kitchen Faucets
  • Bathroom Faucets
  • Bathtub Faucets
  • Outdoor Faucets
  • Shower Faucets
  • Faucets for Wet Bars
  • Laundry and Utility Room Faucets

Our Boston plumbing services professionals will be able to ensure that your faucet replacement or installation is performed perfectly. Trusting a professional with the job will save you from confusion, headaches, and future repairs.

Why Choose McMahon Plumbing & Heating For You Faucet Repairs?

Our plumbers are all licensed and trained professionals, and we can always guarantee the highest quality plumbing work possible. No matter how small or large the problems with your Boston home's faucets are, we'll be ready and eager to help you get them back into excellent condition. From faucet leak repair to complete home plumbing installations, our services are available at affordable, flat rate pricing and will take the hassle and worry out of any plumbing related repair or installation.

If you need faucet installation or faucet repairs in Boston, please call 1-800-431-5660 or complete our online request form.