Excavation Services in Boston

When you have a problem with your home's water, sewer, or gas lines, you'll often need to have them repaired or replaced with excavation services. Our professionals can help you decide whether excavation or trenchless repairs would be best for your particular project, and we can always guarantee that you'll be completely satisfied with the work that we provide. Our Boston plumbers will work diligently to get the job done as quickly as possible, but we'll never let the speed of our work get in the way of quality workmanship.


boston excavationYour drains, sewer lines, and water lines all need to be in excellent condition in order for your plumbing system to function. If you need to have any of these lines replaced, you need a licensed professional plumber you know you can trust with the work. At McMahon Plumbing & Heating, all of our plumbers are licensed, trained, and extensively experienced, so we can always guarantee the absolute best plumbing services possible.

Sometimes, the only way to repair a water or sewage problem is to dig up some of your property to access the lines. If you're in need of excavation and plumbing line repairs, our professionals are ready with the equipment and experience needed to tackle the job. Our team of experienced Boston plumbers has been providing excavation services to homeowners in the area since 1952, and we always guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of the work that we provide.

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Trenchless Repair

boston trenchless repairReplacing a water line can be a difficult, time-consuming, and intrusive job, especially since it typically requires excavation of parts of your property. With our trenchless repair services, however, we can repair or replace water or sewer lines that have become damaged or clogged without digging up any part of your property.

Whether the pipes are punctured, broken, or collapsed, the Boston plumbers at McMahon Plumbing & Heating can repair them without needing to excavate or dig up any part of your property. Our trenchless repair methods are just as effective and traditional excavation, and they have a number of advantages over traditional methods.

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If you need a professional for plumbing, gas and sewer line excavating in Boston, please call 1-800-431-5660 or complete our online request form.