Electric Water Softeners Will Cure Hard Water Ills in Boston

The “hard water in your Boston house” symptoms are obvious, and it doesn’t take a whole lot to realize that something needs to be done about the hard water issue that makes your life miserable. Knowing that there is a salt-free option with electric water softeners is not so cut and dry. Most people think about dealing with bags of salt when they think of water softeners. This article will review the soft water plagues and the benefits of using a Boston electric water softener.
Here is a brief reminder of the symptoms of hard water ills:

• You have ugly white spots all over your silverware, glasses or dishes.
• There is lather when shampooing
• Your hair feels sticky and stiff after shampooing
• No orange rings left around sinks and tubs
• Fabrics are stiff, or you can see or feel soap residue after washing.
• Whites turn a dingy white color over time

For most people it is the sticky, stiff or lifeless hair that does it, there is nothing worse and more uncomfortable that your hair that just does not feel or look right. Add in to the mix the awful spots on the glassware that makes it look like you never wash your dishes and you have your obvious, hard water ills.

There are two ways to deal with this issue. One is to do nothing, and just deal with it. The other is to install a water softening system in your home. Traditionally, this means water will run through a tub filled with bags of salt, usually some kind of calcium sulfate mixture, that creates a chemical reaction with the minerals in the water that make it “hard.” By the time it gets to you shower, dishwasher or washing machine, the hardness is gone, and you have a nice soft water that cleans everything, rinses the soap and scum off, and leaves your hair soft and luxurious.

There is another option to seriously consider, and that is the no salt, no mess, plug it in and leave it Boston electric water softener systems.

Here is how an electric water softener system works:

• A electric coil is placed around the water pipes.
• Electric pulses (ions) are then sent through the pipes every which way.
• These electric ions react with the hard minerals, changing them into soft crystals,
• These crystals stay in solution, do not separate, leaving the water to do its thing
• You do not get the chemical reaction between the hard minerals and the water, which is what makes the water soap unfriendly.

With this system, once it is installed, it does its thing, using a very low voltage. You never have to change bags of salt, you do not have to clean the pipes of water scum, and you do not even need a Boston plumber to install it! This is a system anyone in need of a soft water system should truly explore.