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Get the Lead Out

Lead, the nasty neurotoxin that can cause a range of health effects, from behavioral problems and learning disabilities to seizures and death, has a way of sneaking into our Boston homes; it’s been found in our kids’ toys, paint , and even glassware. And, if you aren’t careful, it can be in your water, too. Though it’s not usually found in source water, it can get in to the wet stuff coming out the tap through your plumbing, which slowly corrodes over time. Boston homes built before 1986 are more likely to have lead pipes and fixtures, and even legally “lead-free” plumbing may contain up to 8 percent lead. Plus, it can add up: A study published in The Journal of Environmental Health in 2002 found that 14 percent to 20 percent of total lead exposure comes from tap water. To avoid downing a dose of lead with your next glass of water, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency advises to only use cold tap water for consumption (drinking and cooking), especially when doing things for your little ones, like mixing baby formula. Youngsters aged 6 years and under are most at risk, because their bodies are growing quickly. Hot water is more corrosive, drawing more of the nasties out (something we saw recently on TreeHugger in relation to bisphenol A, […]

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Something From High School You Could Actually Use Today!

What exactly is in your Boston drinking water? Even the most high quality tap water can still harbor bacteria, viruses, and other nasty parasites that can make you and your family ill. Buying bottled water can get expensive and isn’t the most environmentally friendly alternative available. Reverse osmosis filtration systems can help keep your water supply clean and safe at a reasonable cost. What is reverse osmosis? Besides being a term from high school science class that you’ve long since forgotten, this process is an increasingly common way to filter water. In simple terms, a filter device, which varies by different products on the market, helps separate larger molecules from the solution as it passes through. Pressure assists with moving the water while removing its impurities through the filter. What comes out the other side is pure and fresh filtered water suitable for drinking and using at your Boston home. In most types of these filtration systems used in the home, the water passes through several layers of barriers to help remove impurities and sediments before it is ready to be used. Why is it important? Other than making most sources of water taste much cleaner, it is a safe way to ensure your family’s health by increasing quality of water consumed. Reverse osmosis filtration systems can’t always eliminate every […]

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Pink Sink? Rust-Stained Clothes? Iron Out the Problem

Did you know that iron is not dangerous to your health? However, I am sure you are tired of the effects of this mineral and desperately want to remove iron from water that supplies your Boston home. Are you tired of those nasty red stains in your sink and toilet? Does the thought of doing a laundry load of whites make you cringe because you know you’ll never see them white again? Iron in your water is a problem for many people especially those who live in rural areas dealing with well water. First of all let’s talk about the myth that you need iron in your water for your body’s sake. This is not the same iron you get in food or in vitamin pills. This is insoluble iron and cannot be assimilated correctly into your bodies. This iron just causes problems. It clogs your pipes. It ruins your laundry, and it makes rings around your pretty white porcelain sinks, toilets and appliances. This article will briefly explain what type of water purifier filter you will need depending on the type of iron you have your water supply and where the contamination is coming from. Choosing the best iron filter is very important for the efficiency of the system. The wrong type of filter along with being installed in […]

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