Common AC Problems In Your Boston Home

McMahon Plumbing & Heating understands that air conditioning is one of the important parts of your home. We know how crucial it is to properly maintain your air conditioner and keep it running at its best for as long as possible but like any other appliance in your home air conditioners are prone to different problems. Our team has put together a list of just a few common AC problems you can have.

Your AC Is Running But Isn’t Cooling Your Home

If your air conditioner is running but not doing the job of cooling your home it could be due to several reasons. It could be as easy as a dirty air filter. A dirty air filter can reduce the flow of cold air and make the AC unit run harder than necessary making it less effective at cooling your home.

Strange Noises

If your AC is making strange noises it could be telling you it needs maintenance and repair services. You should give us a call anytime you need AC repair or maintenance.

Does Your AC Have A Smell

If your air conditioner smells bad there’s a good chance it needs repair or maintenance. A strange smell can mean the unit is overworked or has mold growing inside of it. It’s best to call a professional technician to help figure out what is causing the smell.

Leaking Water

If your AC unit is leaking it could need to be repaired or replaced to avoid further damage and mold growth. A leak could also mean that condensation has built up in the AC unit. Be sure to call us at McMahon Plumbing & Heating to figure out what is causing your AC unit to leak.

Contact Us Today

If your air conditioner is causing you problems, don’t hesitate to call us at McMahon Plumbing & Heating. We have an excellent team of air conditioning experts that can check your AC unit for the necessary repairs and maintenance services.

If you are looking for a professional AC contractor in the Boston area, please call 1-800-431-5660 or complete our online request form.