3 Great Benefits Of An AC Tune Up Before Summer

AC Tune Up

With the spring months coming to a close and even warmer weather on the way, many of us are starting to finally put our air conditioning systems into heavier use, if we haven’t been already. While summertime brings a lot of fun outdoor activities and such along with it, this time of year is going to be particularly rough on your AC. When summer finally comes around, your air conditioning system is going to be expected to run almost constantly, and if it hasn’t been serviced at all since it went into hibernation at the end of last year, you could be setting yourself up for potential disaster. Expecting your home’s air conditioning system to run all throughout the summer without any kind of maintenance is like expected someone to run a marathon without any kind of training or stretching: likely to end in disaster. This is why it is so important to take the time now before the summer gets into full swing to have your system checked out by a professional. Getting your system tuned up now before it has to go into heavy use over the course of the coming months can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons. If you are still on the fence about it, take the time to read through this short list our team of experts have put together detailing just a few of the many benefits to getting your AC professionally tuned up before summer gets fully underway.

Clean Units Run Better

One of the first and foremost reasons to make sure you get your AC tuned up before the onset of summer is due to the simple fact that a clean system runs more efficiently than one that isn’t. When your air conditioner isn’t in use over the winter months, dust, dirt, and all sorts of other debris can wind up getting deposited on the unit itself, potentially tampering with the inner workings of the machine. This can lead to breakdowns over time as these deposits will result in a great deal of extra wear and tear on your machine. During the course of a professional tune up, those deposits will be cleaned away, leaving you with a system that you aren’t going to have to worry about while you are busy relaxing this summer.

Lower Electric Bill

If you are like most homeowners, your air conditioning bill is likely going to make up the lion’s share of your monthly utility bills this summer. What you might not be aware of, however, is that if your system isn’t running efficiently, you might be paying a great deal more than what you should be every month to keep your home cool and comfortable. Having your system tuned up by a professional will ensure that your system is up and running as efficiently as possible, and help you save a great deal of money on your energy bills over the course of the summer.

Replenish Your Freon Gas

One common mistake that many homeowners make is not checking the level of Freon gas in their air conditioning unit. Freon gas is what your system uses to generate cool air, and without it, your unit just won’t be able to deliver the kind of cooling that you and your family expect from it. During the course of a professional tune up, however, a professional technician will ensure that your Freon gas levels are where they are supposed to be to make sure that your system is able to do its job this summer.

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