Oil to Gas Conversions – Investment in your family’s future.

Oil to Gas Conversions

By Michael DeMattia, General Manager, McMahon Plumbing & Heating, LLC.

A prudent investment in your family’s future.

Boston Plumber Oil to gas heating

Changing older oil heating systems and swapping out to hi-efficiency, gas, heating systems has been all the rage for Boston area homeowners looking for a home improvement project with the greatest bang for the buck over the last few years.

Homeowners heating with Natural Gas versus Heating with Oil currently still save between 25 to 50%, depending on Heating System efficiency. The cost of Number 2 Home Heating Oil today averages just over $2.00 per gallon which is dramatically lower than where it was just a year or two ago, mitigating what was once dramatic savings. However, oil market expert’s consensus opinion is that crude oil and consequently home heating oil prices will be substantially higher in the next year. Suffice to say, the current respite from excessive oil prices are likely to end by 2017. Indeed, the crude oil price is up from its low of $27.00 per barrel earlier this year to nearly $50 per barrel as I write this article.

Additionally, rebates are offered by Mass Save, tax credits by the Federal Government, and low interest heating equipment loans are available to Mass Save participants. The effect of these programs is to ease the financial burden of the transition from heating with Oil to Natural Gas Heating, hasten the decision making process, and enhance the Return on Investment for your family.

Add to the fuel price discrepancy, the higher efficiency of next generation Heating System Equipment which uses less fuel and the savings in home heating expense become a major motivator to make the switch from heating oil to heating with Natural Gas for many New England families.

Concerns about Return on Investment

All of which sounds great you say. But yet, homeowners are skeptical of any ROI (Return on Investment) analysis based on the changing price of fuel oil and even more concerned about the daunting project before them ripe with pitfalls and hidden dangers which may await the unprepared or uninformed.

Be aware that at McMahon Plumbing we are aware of your apprehension. We are experts in Oil to Gas Conversions. Over the last several decades we have performed hundreds of Heating Systems installations including conversions. Our team of installers, demolition experts, electricians, and tank removal experts have been working together on many projects just like yours each and every year.

McMahon Plumbing & Heating stands ready to assist you and your family as you move toward The Green Energy future. Take advantage of the today’s next generation, Energy Star rated, Hi-Efficiency Natural Gas Heating Systems and the price differential between oil and natural gas to reduce your family’s home heating expense.

Give your Boston Plumbers the opportunity to demonstrate just how affordable Heating with Natural Gas can be.

For Information about Oil to Gas conversions, home heating programs including Mass Save, and the next generation heating systems, please call us at 617.364.2200 or complete our online request form.